Hercules against the mongols 1963 film completed

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Technically, the film is well directed, with a little more thought put into it than most cardboard actioners from italy. The heirs of genghis khan conquered the city of tudela and took prisoner bianca jose greci, the daughter of the king. He is one of the most commonly portrayed figures from classical mythology in the popular culture of the 20th and 21st centuries. The seedy sons of genghis khan overrun the neighboring city of tuleda and take the lustwench princess bianca captive. Best movies like hercules against the mongols bestsimilar. Maciste contro i mongoli hercules against the mongols quotes. Hercules fights to free the people of babylon from an evil sorceress. Hercules against the mongols 1963 italian peplum movie.

Hercules against the mongols 1963 discussion moviechat. In this loose followup to hercules against the barbarians, forest finds himself in the fight of his life against the three sons of. Either way, this 1964 swordandsandal epic sends the ancient greek hero to 12th century poland where, despite the colder weather, he strips to nothing but a loincloth to fight off invading mongols. Watch hercules against the mongols online 1963 movie yidio. The sons of hercules was a syndicated television show that aired in the united states in the 1960s. Maciste against the mongols is a 1963 italian peplum film directed by domenico paolella.

The series repackaged 14 randomly chosen italian peplum films by unifying them with memorable title and end title theme songs and a standard voiceover intro relating the main hero in each film to hercules. The villains are all extremely brutish and look menacing enough especially ken clark who looks more or less the same in the prequelfollow up. The film follows hercules as he takes on the heirs of the conquerer genghis khan and shows why good always beats evil. Mark forest in hercules against the mongols mark forest was born lou degni in 1933. Maciste contro i mongoli hercules against the mongols 1963. After the death of genghis kahn in 1227 ad, his three sons sayan, susdal and kin khan come into power and invade the city of tuleda, taking the princess. Hercules battles to save the population from a giant dragon. An international team embarks on an expedition to the moon in an uncommonly spacious rocketship. He starred in 12 sword and sandal films from 1960 to 1965, most as maciste or hercules. Hercules and the masked rider 1963 in 16th century spain, don francisco reluctantly betroths his daughter, blanca, to the arrogant don ramiro in order to preserve the lands in the family estate. Most similar movies to hercules against the mongols the list contains related movies ordered by similarity. Though genghis khan eventually sought peace with the west, his death in 1227 ad puts into power his three warlike sons. When they invade the peaceful city of tuleda and imprison the beautiful princess bianca, mighty hercules comes to. Recommendation engine sorted out cult film, serious, epic and exciting films with plots about sword and sandal, sword fight, sword, spear, battle, wrestling and martial arts mostly in adventure, drama and action genres.

Hercules against the mongols 8 lcs 63 mark forest as. Hercules against the mongols 1960 it is the year 1227 in the lavish swordandsandal epic hercules against the mongols 1963, and the death of feared mongolian ruler genghis khan has left his three greedy sons to inherit his throne. Hercules against the mongols 1sh 63 mark forest as. Hercules against the mongols is a 1963 italian peplum film directed by domenico paolella. The death of tyrant genghis khan in 1227 ad puts his sprawling empire into the hands of his three violent sons sayan, susdol and kin khan. They seek gold, power and excuses to vent their cruelty. Hercules against the mongols digitally remastered in this swordandsandal epic, legendary strongman hercules takes on a horde of invading mongols led by the sons of genghis kahn. Hercules 1958 film hercules 1983 film hercules against rome. Maciste contro i mongoli 1963 or hercules against the mongols usa uses the same two sons of. She appeared in the 1963 peplum hercules against the mongols. Hercules against the mongols 1963 full movie online free. Hercules against the mongols the 1963 movie, trailers, videos and more at yidio. Rather than honoring their fathers dying wish to make peace with the west, however, the sons incite a war to justify their thirst for more blood and power.

Hercules comes to the rescue of bianca, winning her freedom in a tournament in exchange for becoming a slave himself. Bianca doria 22 september 1915 2 february 1985 was an italian actress. The mighty hercules battles a sea monster to save the legendary city of troy. She appeared in more than forty films during her career. Strong yet sleepy hercules discovers that the queen of atlantis is plotting to take over the world with superhuman warriors. For a better experience on mubi, update your browser. Forces from the west soon come to retake tuleda and hercules freed from his bonds helps to dispatch genghis khans three sons while again saving bianca and. I find this film is about as good as hercules against the barbarians 1964 and much better than samson and the 7 miracles of the world 1961, which all films have a genghis khan story.

Hercules against the mongols, dvd, manufactured on demand, actionfantasy, 644827375820. Maciste contro i mongoli 1963 or hercules against the mongols usa uses the same two sons of genghis khan that were in hercules against the barbarians 1964. Hercules maciste fights against the three sons of genghis khan. Mark forest as herculesmaciste is again a stiff bore. Hercules greek heracles is a mythological hero known for his strength and farranging adventures. Starring mark forest, jose greci and maria grazia spina.

Hercules against the mongols domenico paolella, 1963. Herculesmaciste fights against the three sons of genghis khan. The mongols burn houses in this movie symbolically represented by a miniature hut and kill many white men or take them as slaves. Hercules against the barbarian 1960 that hercules really got around. Forces from the west soon come to retake tuleda and hercules freed from his. Or, if youre viewing this in italian, it was his son who got around. Hercules against the mongols 1963 maciste contro i mongoli mark forest macistehercules, ken clark sayan, jose greci. Mark forest plays hercules and hes a complete bore. Mark forest as hercules maciste is again a stiff bore. Hercules against the mongols 1963 the movie database. Jose greci, a regular in these kind of films, is truly gorgeous and makes an. Maciste travels to egypt, where he leads a revolt against an evil queen.

Hercules against the mongols kin khan 1963 actor marinai, donne e guai marinaio veneziano della ronda 1959 all filmography. Hercules against the mongols manufactured on demand on. Hercules against the mongols 1963 directed by domenico. Hercules against the mongols part 1 video dailymotion. As is often the case in mark forests hercules films, the stunning jose greci plays. Goliath battles for the freedom of the babylonian people.

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